Recently I had a great reminder that nothing is lost in the mind of God.  It’s a nice remainder as fear of loss is a great source of anxiety for us all if we allow ourselves to indulge in it.  I had lunch plans with a girlfriend at my favorite Mexican restaurant in our town.   About an hour before I needed to leave one of my kids needed money for gas.  I went to my purse to get some cash but my wallet was gone.  What? It is always in my purse I don’t take it out.  I panicked!  After retracing my steps, searching the house, scouring the car with a flashlight and emptying my entire purse I still could not find it.  I looked and checked places that seemed random.  I checked the fridge, the trash, under the couch…still no wallet.  I spent almost the entire hour looking for and not finding my wallet.  Not willing to miss Mexican lunch I became determined. In desperation I checked the large antique coffee can in the laundry room where we keep all the coins and recently washed cash from the washing machine.  A twenty! Whew! At least I could take my little rolled up and washed out twenty to pay for lunch.  As I got into the car completely frazzled from the search I said out loud, “What am I doing?”  I had been working and searching alone and leaving it all up to me.  It’s no wonder it felt exhausting and frustrating. Out loud again I declared, “Nothing is lost in the eyes of God!”  This was the magical phrase that, in my experience, has never failed to turn up a lost item.  Anytime anything seemed lost or I seemed to be experiencing a loss or even when it seemed money was overspent or wasted, the declaration that nothing is lost in the eyes of God always brought back the seemingly lost item in the most amazing ways.  Then and there, sitting in my car, I decided to drop the wallet search and give it to God so I could go have a fun Mexican ( my favorite!) lunch with my girlfriend.   I put the car into reverse and began to back out of the garage. As the car lurched backward something seemed to come loose and drop from the sky into the back seat.  Startled I stopped and looked to see what it was.  It was my WALLET!! NO WAY! I had searched the entire car with a flashlight and even GI Joe crawled along the back seat to check under the seats.  Lesson received.  Anytime you are trying to do something, accomplish something, find something, anything and you are getting nowhere, stop and notice if you are trying to do it all yourself.  The moment you declare God has you in the palm of his hand… it is so and blessings literally fall from the sky.

It seems like blessings keep falling my lap.
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Blessings then are out of time, out of sequence, usually delayed, often camouflaged and unrecognizable in dusk’s dimming light, easily rejected as a nuisance and not appreciated. Stormy skies that rumble into our lives have a way of eliciting from us ungodly reactions and thereby make us, at least in our estimation, unworthy of blessing. God with blessing we neither recognize it nor deserve it and yet He is doing it nonetheless, and only time will fully reveal the extent to which He has gone to fulfill the truest longings of our heart. Great post!

10/05/2017 10:45pm

What Mexican food can you recommend? I'd like to try but I don't know what to start with.


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