I would like to begin by explaining why I am so eager to share my two favorite otherwise super-secret magic tricks or hacks to life.  I have found that when I am in a funk of a mood or lacking motivation or energy I can turn my entire day around by just doing something nice for someone else.  My favorite thing to do is to pay for the person behind me in the drive through.  It gives me a little thrill and usually ( hopefully) it is inexpensive and easy.  I have yet to get in front of someone who is buying for the entire office or little league team. KNOCK ON WOOD! Ha!  It always makes me happy to imagine the person receiving an unexpected surprise from a complete stranger.  Now you know that I am not selfless in my giving but giving nonetheless.  So in the spirit of giving to feel good I am sharing real magic with YOU.  I am counting on this being a real PMS buster! J

Okay, worrying about these two things used to  create so much stress in my life. I am confident that I am not alone in this.

1.          Time or lack of

2.          Money or lack of

It is the “lack of “ part that creates the stress and anxiety.  Just know that any type of lack belief will feel bad but these are two things that are part of daily life.  Let’s start with time.  For years when my kids were little I ran around with a constant background dissonant scream of  “I don’t have enough time!”  Of course it was true! I was always frazzled, missing things, showing up late, unorganized, disheveled and lets be honest fairly tragic and manic because of it.   I read somewhere that you can stretch time and I was desperate enough to try it.  I can’t remember how I went about stretching time then but I have evolved to just being aware of my thoughts and beliefs about time.  If I notice I am thinking or feeling “there is not enough time” I reassure myself.  “ I always have MORE than enough time.”   This is important because I also initially I changed my inner time belief from I am powerless over time and there is never enough…to I have power over my experience of time and I have perfect timing.  Sounds good right? It turns out perfect timing is almost as stressful as not enough time.  I was showing up to things just in the nick of time or barely getting things finished and accomplished.  If I had to assign a hashtag to the two it would be “There’s never enough time!”  #scream! and “I have prefect timing”  would be #whew!  An improvement,  but not much of one or at least not enough of an improvement for me.  When I have the belief “ I ALWAYS have more than enough time!” I live a life of ease.  I find that I am magically easily accomplishing tasks,  leisurely getting to things on time and relaxed.  (#peace)  I am a much nicer person and so much more fun to be around! The great thing about this trick is you can apply it to anything.  If you notice you have a belief that is regularly causing you anxiety and stress you can make a conscious effort to change it and not just slightly

( remember from previous blogs j-u-s-t is a four letter word!) Make it count! Know that you are never powerless and rewrite the story.  It doesn’t matter how far fetched it seems or crazy give it a 360! I know some of you reading this have to thinking “ this chick is a cuckoo!”  It may sound crazy because it is. Crazy GOOD!  This is getting a little long so I will make this a two part gift.  Two for One! WOOOO!



I'm expecting literal magic tricks. But, I think what you shared was great! This little act of kindness is such an inspiration to many. On the other hand, your second "magic trick", requires positive mindset. I admit that I was like you before. I always think that I don't have enough time for everything. But through positivity and discipline, there is always enough time.

06/24/2017 4:25pm

I try not to worry about these things. But sometimes it's very hard not to worry.


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