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I have been reading the book Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen.  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE all things Joel Osteen.  This book is no exception.  While reading about choosing happiness I had a wonderful realization.  Joel says rather than giving in to your negative thoughts and awfulizing your day in advance before you even get out of bed…
Instead, say, “Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ve already answered the door and almighty God, the Creator of the universe, has sent me a hand delivery of joy.  I know this will be a great day!”

It’s like AMAZON!!!! My favorite part of the day! I love to receive my packages from Amazon.  Who doesn’t? Right? Except, it’s even better!  Every day when you wake up there is a hand delivered package waiting for you from almighty God, the Creator of the universe.  What are you waiting for?!?!  Jump out of bed, whoop and holler, run don’t walk, fling open the front door and sign for that package!!!! This is a package that is overflowing with joy, love, happiness, favor, victory… all things great.  Imagine starting your day with this feeling, with this energy.  You would be showing God that you are expecting great things; that you are grateful and appreciative of the favor and abundance in your life and of all of the gifts God has to give to you.  You would be choosing to receive all that God has to offer.  So, it seems we have a choice.  Will you wake up tomorrow and stay in bed whining to yourself about the way things appear and all the things you don’t want to do or will you sign for that magnificent package and give thanks to God for all the gifts this day has to offer?  This one simple choice can literally change your experience and reshape your entire life.  What are you waiting for? Sign for the package!!!!
Each day is a gift.  Don’t send it back unopened.

<![CDATA[                        Blessings Falling From the Sky ]]>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 13:10:22 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-blessings-falling-from-the-skyRecently I had a great reminder that nothing is lost in the mind of God.  It’s a nice remainder as fear of loss is a great source of anxiety for us all if we allow ourselves to indulge in it.  I had lunch plans with a girlfriend at my favorite Mexican restaurant in our town.   About an hour before I needed to leave one of my kids needed money for gas.  I went to my purse to get some cash but my wallet was gone.  What? It is always in my purse I don’t take it out.  I panicked!  After retracing my steps, searching the house, scouring the car with a flashlight and emptying my entire purse I still could not find it.  I looked and checked places that seemed random.  I checked the fridge, the trash, under the couch…still no wallet.  I spent almost the entire hour looking for and not finding my wallet.  Not willing to miss Mexican lunch I became determined. In desperation I checked the large antique coffee can in the laundry room where we keep all the coins and recently washed cash from the washing machine.  A twenty! Whew! At least I could take my little rolled up and washed out twenty to pay for lunch.  As I got into the car completely frazzled from the search I said out loud, “What am I doing?”  I had been working and searching alone and leaving it all up to me.  It’s no wonder it felt exhausting and frustrating. Out loud again I declared, “Nothing is lost in the eyes of God!”  This was the magical phrase that, in my experience, has never failed to turn up a lost item.  Anytime anything seemed lost or I seemed to be experiencing a loss or even when it seemed money was overspent or wasted, the declaration that nothing is lost in the eyes of God always brought back the seemingly lost item in the most amazing ways.  Then and there, sitting in my car, I decided to drop the wallet search and give it to God so I could go have a fun Mexican ( my favorite!) lunch with my girlfriend.   I put the car into reverse and began to back out of the garage. As the car lurched backward something seemed to come loose and drop from the sky into the back seat.  Startled I stopped and looked to see what it was.  It was my WALLET!! NO WAY! I had searched the entire car with a flashlight and even GI Joe crawled along the back seat to check under the seats.  Lesson received.  Anytime you are trying to do something, accomplish something, find something, anything and you are getting nowhere, stop and notice if you are trying to do it all yourself.  The moment you declare God has you in the palm of his hand… it is so and blessings literally fall from the sky.

It seems like blessings keep falling my lap.
*Chance the Rapper*

<![CDATA[                Sometimes a Screw is Not Just a Screw ]]>Fri, 31 Mar 2017 18:36:26 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-sometimes-a-screw-is-not-just-a-screwI love it when small, seemingly meaningless tasks reveal great lessons.  Today I tackled the challenge of taking apart my  bed that has been assembled with the same dry, rusty screws for over twenty years.  I had to be able to disassemble and move the bed by noon  so the “floor guys” could refinish my wood floor.   The first three screws out of four were relatively easy to remove. The forth screw was giving me a problem despite the WD40 I was dousing it with.  I didn’t have the right tools so I had been using a needle nose pliers and mostly concentrating on turning the bolt that held the screw rather trying to twist the screw that was housed in it’s very snug and recessed space.  The extra long screw was not only stuck and a little rusty, it was also crooked and very stubborn.  It seemed like just when it would start to move it would get stuck again.  UGH!

All throughout the morning, as I was moving the furniture out and disassembling the bed, my mind had been preoccupied with a struggle I was having with a loved one.  Even though I kept pushing the story of my problem with this person away it kept creeping back into my mind.  I had been reaching out over and over to this person trying to resolve things and only receiving sporadic, off topic responses or radio silence.  Much like the screw I was getting nowhere with this person and feeling frustrated.

When I caught myself getting frustrated while trying to coax the screw out of the bolt I stopped.  I know how to receive favor and ease as well as create well being and solutions.  What was I doing?? Intentionally willing myself to relax, I thanked God for taking care the details of disassembling the frickin bed, and specifically getting the screw out of the frame.  I said thank you for the ease and effortless nature of the daunting task of clearing out the entire room by noon  being completed with time to spare.  That’s when I noticed I had been tightening the bolt onto the screw! While lefty loosey is a law unto itself the bolt was the opposite! My twisting the bolt lefty loosey was really making the screw righty tighty. NO! All that energy I had expended to turn the bolt had been counterproductive and I now had even more to unscrew.  I took a deep breath and resumed the uncomfortable contorted position necessary to twist the bolt while holding the screw in place and…voila!  Easily the bolt swiveled along the threads of the screw in the direction I desired and I was just using my bare hands! I realized that the challenge had come because I was moving the bolt in the wrong direction.  I am someone who rides my faith and as a norm experiences ease and favor in my life. Because of this the challenge of the screw stood out.  I got the message.  It was difficult because I was heading in the wrong direction. PROFOUND!! I then made the connection that most likely my relationship frustration was coming from me approaching the situation from the wrong direction and that is why it felt so counterproductive.  Even though it wasn’t a perfect universal resolution wrapped up beautifully and topped with a bow, it felt good to let go and stop running up the down escalator.  I have faith that good will come from this upheaval in my relationship, I don’t know exactly how, but I know it will come.  In the mean time I can stop heading in the wrong direction and just give this person the space they apparently desire and allow God to write the happy ending.  Whew! Just in time for the floor guys. :)

When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher.
-Ezra Bayda    

<![CDATA[                   My Two Favorite Magic Tricks… part 1 ]]>Mon, 06 Mar 2017 02:10:44 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-my-two-favorite-magic-tricks-part-1I would like to begin by explaining why I am so eager to share my two favorite otherwise super-secret magic tricks or hacks to life.  I have found that when I am in a funk of a mood or lacking motivation or energy I can turn my entire day around by just doing something nice for someone else.  My favorite thing to do is to pay for the person behind me in the drive through.  It gives me a little thrill and usually ( hopefully) it is inexpensive and easy.  I have yet to get in front of someone who is buying for the entire office or little league team. KNOCK ON WOOD! Ha!  It always makes me happy to imagine the person receiving an unexpected surprise from a complete stranger.  Now you know that I am not selfless in my giving but giving nonetheless.  So in the spirit of giving to feel good I am sharing real magic with YOU.  I am counting on this being a real PMS buster! J

Okay, worrying about these two things used to  create so much stress in my life. I am confident that I am not alone in this.

1.          Time or lack of

2.          Money or lack of

It is the “lack of “ part that creates the stress and anxiety.  Just know that any type of lack belief will feel bad but these are two things that are part of daily life.  Let’s start with time.  For years when my kids were little I ran around with a constant background dissonant scream of  “I don’t have enough time!”  Of course it was true! I was always frazzled, missing things, showing up late, unorganized, disheveled and lets be honest fairly tragic and manic because of it.   I read somewhere that you can stretch time and I was desperate enough to try it.  I can’t remember how I went about stretching time then but I have evolved to just being aware of my thoughts and beliefs about time.  If I notice I am thinking or feeling “there is not enough time” I reassure myself.  “ I always have MORE than enough time.”   This is important because I also initially I changed my inner time belief from I am powerless over time and there is never enough…to I have power over my experience of time and I have perfect timing.  Sounds good right? It turns out perfect timing is almost as stressful as not enough time.  I was showing up to things just in the nick of time or barely getting things finished and accomplished.  If I had to assign a hashtag to the two it would be “There’s never enough time!”  #scream! and “I have prefect timing”  would be #whew!  An improvement,  but not much of one or at least not enough of an improvement for me.  When I have the belief “ I ALWAYS have more than enough time!” I live a life of ease.  I find that I am magically easily accomplishing tasks,  leisurely getting to things on time and relaxed.  (#peace)  I am a much nicer person and so much more fun to be around! The great thing about this trick is you can apply it to anything.  If you notice you have a belief that is regularly causing you anxiety and stress you can make a conscious effort to change it and not just slightly

( remember from previous blogs j-u-s-t is a four letter word!) Make it count! Know that you are never powerless and rewrite the story.  It doesn’t matter how far fetched it seems or crazy give it a 360! I know some of you reading this have to thinking “ this chick is a cuckoo!”  It may sound crazy because it is. Crazy GOOD!  This is getting a little long so I will make this a two part gift.  Two for One! WOOOO!

<![CDATA[                  My Two Favorite Magic Tricks…part 2]]>Mon, 06 Mar 2017 01:58:35 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-my-two-favorite-magic-trickspart-2You will recall from part 1 that my second favorite tricky fix is on the subject of money or lack of.  I know this is a common worry and belief for many.  My grandfather was a product of the Great Depression.  He had a very strong belief in lack in all areas because of his experiences and upbringing.  That thinking gets passed down through the generations until someone stands up and shakes their crappy bra out the window and yells “ This bra doesn’t fit and I am NOT going to wear it!!”  ( so to speak) or in this case -this belief does not fit…AT ALL!!  You can be the one to break the cycle of poverty and struggle in your family and divert the experience of your children to one of wealth, success and abundance in all areas of their lives.  Feels pretty good doesn’t it?  Now this fix will require  an overall change in the subject of Money in general and also a couple constant prods to keep things spinning in the right direction.  You first need to shake any preconceived ideas you have or are aware of on the topic.  These may be in the flavor of…

… You have to work hard for a little bit of money

…there isn’t enough money to go around

( this may rear it’s ugly head in the form of hatred or annoyance at the rich, wealthy or just Billionaires in general.)

…there is never enough money

…there will never be enough money

…money is the root of all evil

These are some of the nasties that will lead you to never having to worry about having money or wealth as you are repelling it like a giant can of Deep Woods Off! 

If God is our limitless source of all things then one thing should not be harder to come by than another.   God says there is no hierarchy of difficulty or greatness. So…why not money?

Let go of any dogma or guilt or limiting beliefs you may have for whatever reasons surrounding money.  Money is energy and energy is what we co-create so why shouldn’t you create money in your life the way you would create anything else?

Every day proclaim that you are debt free.  Know and declare that God is your limitless source ( not your job, your spouse, your parents…) Proclaim that you and your family live high on the land and lend and not borrow.  By proclaiming this while it is not yet true and thanking God in advance for these things you throw the open the doors and windows of your life to receive all that God has to offer you. 

Here is another easy but constant thing I do that you can easily add to your day. Each time you write you a check or spend money proclaim that you always have more money coming in than going out and thank God in advance for this gift.  This replaces for me the worry that would accompany any spending even though it was unwarranted.  My fear of lack of money from past experiences and passed down beliefs would cause me to worry anytime any money was  going out.  This thinking creates fear and lack.  By affirming that I always have more money coming in than going out no matter what the situation I allow the abundance to flow in.  Now, I am not talking about going crazy and binge shopping but knowing that you are taken care of in light of any situation.  Faith.  I heard someone ( Joel Osteen?)say that when they would even see something they would normally think they couldn’t afford they should say instead “ Good thing I’m rich and I can easily afford that”.  All these games and adjustments help turn you from lack to abundance. 

I have a memo line option on my online checking bill pay app.  In each memo on my online checks and any actual hand written checks I write “Thank you!”  What I am really doing is reminding myself of my source and saying, “ Thank you God that you are my limitless source and that we always have more money coming in than going out”.  These tricks may seem small and silly but they can be just what you need to turn things around and start having a better financial situation in your life.  The possibilities are endless. 

If you are open to something silly play the valley girl game with yourself or a friend.  My girlfriend and I used to do this sometimes on a walk when we were trying to shift or create something.  It’s especially great for things that seem serious or scary as it is completely ridiculous and takes you out of your fear.  We all remember the valley girl style of speaking and if you don’t I am sure that youtube.com is rich with examples! Talk in your valley girl voice and turn the situation that you want to change around completely then add 50-100%.  An example I recently used was with my daughter.  I was telling her how to play this great game and make it a powerful tool.  I used the example of my weight since she knows I have been struggling with my weight for 15 plus years.  I recently lost some weight but I am still 20 pounds from where I want to be.  So I turned it around and said in my very convincing valley girl speak, “ Oh my gawd, I am getting so skinny! All my friends are worried about me. They all think that I am getting too skinny.  They are all harping on me “ you are getting too skinny! We are worried about you, you are going too far, don’t lose anymore weight”  Oh my gawd they are just sooo jealous of me! I am wasting away”

Not even an hour later some friends of ours that we hadn’t seen for a couple years stopped over to pick up some furniture we were getting rid of and the woman said “ Oh my God! You have lost so much weight! You are getting too skinny, you shouldn’t lose any more weight you are wasting away!” I kid you not! My daughter just stood there staring with her mouth hanging open.  Thank you God! Lesson ingrained!!  Oh I loved being amazing to my teenage daughter!

Use this game to shift into financial gain and security.  Complain in your valley girl voice about how rich you are.  “ Oh my Ga, I am so filthy rich! It’s so ridiculous.  Everything I want …boom I just buy it!  Money comes at me from the strangest places it’s like I am a freaking wealth magnet.  I know it’s so crazy.  Don’t like hate me because I’m so rich.” Channel some Nene Leakes ( again youtube.com) “I am rich…bitch!” have fun with it.  The more fun you have the more powerful it will be. 

I remember reading in a book about change that when a large ship is heading in a direction and needs to change direction it doesn’t just have one huge rudder that flips it immediately in the new direction.  This would just snap the rudder.  Large ships have many small rudders that each adjust accordingly so that slowly and elegantly the ship can smoothly, and gradually change direction without experiencing the excess force of resistance a drastic switch would cause.  These little tricks, hacks and games are your small rudders to get you going in the direction you want to be headed. 

“The definition of magic is unbelievable, but happening!”

Tim Linhart

<![CDATA[                                            WHATEVER!]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 22:21:05 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-whateverThis morning a national news network ran a cute story about a guy who was ordering  pizza from his local pizza place.  Tired of his girlfriend always answering his question of “what do you want to eat?”  with  “whatever”, he decided to teach her a lesson.  In the section for customizations on the online order form he typed: Please send me an extra empty box that has /WHATEVER/ written in big letters in it because that’s what my girlfriend said she wants.  Ha!

 How many of us are guilty of the same thing when we are putting our requests and desires out into the universe.  The universe is standing by waiting for us to come up with a wish to grant and we are saying. “Hmmm, I don’t really know what I want, Whatever.” We are setting ourselves up to receive a great big empty box of whatever! Or even worse when we are going on about I just don’t want this or I don’t want to do this or have this happen. Guess what? We are essentially ordering the thing we didn’t want and we are most likely going to get it.

 I remember years ago when my kids were in grade school and learning Spanish with way too much help from me ( thank you private school!).  I jokingly wrote on my shopping list calendario for calendar.  I ended up grabbing one with photos I liked and did not even notice it was in Spanish and indeed a Calendario until I had it home for a couple days.  I have not seen another calendar in Spanish in that store since then.  Ask and you shall receive! 

Let us all be aware of what we are putting out into the universe so that we are not sitting down to a big feast of nothing and whatever.  Let us be clear about what we want and at the very least put out a general idea of what we want and tack on “this or something even better”.  Ask big and aim high.  We are all children of the most high God!

     Ask for what you want and be
prepared to get it!
Maya Angelo

<![CDATA[                                  Delegating the Details]]>Wed, 02 Nov 2016 16:33:12 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-delegating-the-detailsI have noticed that usually when I am feeling unusually stressed and anxious I am running the thought “ I have to do this all myself”  Or the thought  “I have no power over this…”. Both of these beliefs feel equally uncomfortable and I have learned neither one is ever 100% true.  No matter what story the stress is stemming from we have a choice as to how we deal with it. 

We’ve all heard the saying “ the devil is in the details”.  According to Wikipedia this saying is actually derived from the original saying “God is in the details”.  Either way the message is that the details are scary or important and you better make sure you take care of them!  Neither of these beliefs feels  good to me.  When I am faced with something that causes me to feel anxious, overwhelmed or dread I always feel better when I delegate the details.  Not only does delegating the details feel better it always allows things to pan out even better than I could have ever imagined… all without my interference!

Delegating the details is as easy as redirecting your thoughts. I have an earlier post or two dealing with working with a concierge or assistant.   Hiring imaginary staff is an excellent way to get around any possible dogma you may have in your belief system that does not allow you to believe that you can ask God to help you ( who do you think you are anyway?!) or to intervene and take care of  trivial things in your daily life.  If this sounds like you please refer to earlier posts about working with a concierge or higher staff in addition to this postJ.

Here is how it works…

Because the holidays are coming up let’s say you have a week full of  events and responsibilities/tasks that you are nervous about and or dreading.  Instead of going over and over in your head what you need to do to prepare and execute these tasks  or going over possible bad scenarios you may be worried could occur go straight to God.  Thank God in advance for taking care of all the details involved in not just getting through the week but making the week a huge success that you enjoy! Sound like a stretch? Good! Stretch! Why not ?  You are not the one putting in all the elbow grease our supernatural, all good, all powerful, omnificent, omnipresent God is doing all the work for you.  Nothing is too small or large for God so aim high! Ask big!  Then keep moving in the direction of your general plans while simultaneously staying out of the minutia of the details. Keep moving forward. Be productive but only focus on the general outcome you have so brazenly asked for. Each time you catch yourself thinking about the details ( or projecting yourself into the future situation) redirect your thinking… Thank you God for taking care of the details…”. You will see that  by doing this you also stay out of any WHAT IF storyline  and you feel more peaceful  this allowing God to wow you with HIS details!  “ Thank you God for taking care of all of the details of….. Under Grace and in a perfect way.”  If you are feeling good about it tack some turbo boost on to the end of your ask--“Under Grace and in your perfect, exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond way.”  Like anything else you may have to try it out on something small at first to build your trust and confidence. You will find it is limitless in its ability as a tool to propel you peacefully into the life you desire even if you think its too good to be possible.

I use it for anything and everything that causes me to feel anxious or stressed from housework to health scares to financial difficulties…everything.  Once you trust God to take care of your details you will be free. The possibilities are endless.

                                         Let go and…   Let GOD
<![CDATA[                                     Red Pill Blue Pill]]>Fri, 24 Jun 2016 19:20:08 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-red-pill-blue-pill

At the risk of being overdone, I am using this Matrix scenario even though I have not yet had the patience to watch the entire movie.  It’s not that the movie is not a good one, I just am not a fan of movies in general.  I would much rather be right here, right now in my life, seeing and experiencing my own great events and creations.  In the movie The Matrix the pill theory is summarized like this…

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." ―Morpheus, to Neo [src] The term red pill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.

I look at life as a series of events created for us by us through a co-creation process with a Supernatural, all good, all power creator i.e. God, the universe, spirit.  Whatever you choose. So in following this perception of life the true nature ( the red pill) would be seeing through what appears to be to the truth of what is…the all good, all powerful, reality we are surrounded by at all times.  I sometimes refer to it as my even though faith.  It works a little like this. I have said in prior posts that each morning I proclaim the parameters of my day, life, and experience.  I set favor and abundance in motion into all aspects of my life and give thanks for all blessings, advantage etc.… Let’s say halfway through the day something comes up that goes completely against all the things I proclaimed that morning to be true.  I will use the recent, real life example of my daughter not getting into one of the 5 dorms she requested despite having gotten the request and all pertinent forms in on time.  At first I go with her panic and disgust.  “This totally sucks Mom! I cannot live in one the remaining dorms! They are not close to my classes, air-conditioned or even an option! This is awful! We are screwed!”

I’m there. Disappointed, mad, disgusted and screwed…until!! I remember that we are blessed and highly favored in all aspects and experiences of our lives. That we experience advantage and preferential treatment (who doesn’t want that?) and favor in all endeavors. Whew! So I take the red pill/set the powers in motion by saying out loud or to myself, “Even though it seems like we are screwed and not getting into a dorm a we like, I know that we are always blessed favored and you have us in the palm of your hand so I expect this to work out to our advantage and for us to be blessed as always in your Supernatural, exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond way.” Yes, I am laying it on thick, but it never hurts to supercharge it!  The next morning, magically, a room in a dorm we thought we would not have a chance to get in to so my daughter didn’t even list it in preferences opened up. Ta da!  Exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond, even better than we can imagine or dream and sooner than expected favor.  I love that so much I think I will have a t-shirt made.  It is my new mantra…exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond…all day long! This is just one example but it works for everything.  If you are deciding to be favored and blessed at the start of each morning and something shows up that doesn’t fit this theme, (remember the Sesame Street game with the song?—One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong-) that is your cue to use “even though” faith or take the red pill. It works immediately as soon as you realized you are getting sucked into an illusion of something bad or not desired showing up in your life. 

My friend and I like to wield it like the wonder twin powers.  The wonder twins were twin cartoon super heroes in the late seventies.  When something treacherous was going down around them they would whip out their Wonder Twin powers and transform the situation immediately. We generalize it like this.  Wake up with the intention to prosper and succeed in a blessed abundant advantaged life of ease of joy surrounded by love and friendship.  At some point during the day something or someone comes a long that did not get the memo that you are not to messed with. You whip out the red pill/Wonder Twin powers/even though faith with this incantation:

“ Even though it seems like we are F*%#ked, I KNOW that we are blessed with the highest favor and everything is turning out to bless us.”

 Voila! It works every time.  If it doesn’t turn around immediately keep the “even though” faith knowing you are taken care of always and it will eventually unfold.  Many times it will be in a way that you could not have foreseen or imagined. Amazing. Such a great superpower to possess.

Get it? Co-creating? Activating Wonder Twin Powers? Yeah….

<![CDATA[                                      What's Your Theme?]]>Fri, 24 Jun 2016 18:05:09 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-whats-your-theme

Have you ever noticed that everyone’s idea of being blessed and favored is a little different.  Have you noticed that everyone’s idea of what life is  differs? It does in fact seem to be that each one of is indeed living in our own private Idaho.  Each one of our experiences, whether shared or personal, is markedly different from even another person perceiving the same event.  This has been documented and explored throughout the ages from crime scenes to biblical stories.  I think it is safe to say that each person’s experience of any given moment can be likened to what we know of snowflakes….no two are exactly same.  I myself find comfort in this.  I don’t necessarily want to be subjected to someone else’s idea of what is good or bad.  I prefer to decide that for myself.  If it sounds like I am believing that I have some level of control level over my experiences it’s because I believe I do.  I believe we all do.   I have noticed each person’s experience has much to do with the parameters they set for themselves in the way of beliefs.  Your personal beliefs about life, God, children, spouses, finances and even food can limit your experiences or set you free to receive the abundance that is available and waiting to rain down on you. 

To test this theory I condensed this line of thinking down to one sentence or theme.  Life is… It is very general and encompasses all of your human experiences.  I bet if you take a couple seconds to think about someone you know you can figure out how they would finish that sentence just based on their words, attitudes and experiences.  I love to tune in to a bravo reality show and guess the themes of the people on the shows.  It’s couch potato psychology 101 but so much fun and surprisingly easy to see how they would most likely finish the sentence Life is…Take a moment to explore your thoughts and experiences and do it for yourself as if you are one of those beloved bravolebrities. Some common themes are Life is in chaotic, I am powerless. Life is a test.  Life is a neverending job/hard work.  Life is tragic. Life is serving others.   Life is a series of tests.  Life is about enduring challenges.  Life is deprivation and suffering. Life is… ( fill in the blank) is your theme or your set of parameters for the creation of your experiences.  The great news?? You can change it at any time!! Looking back over the 20 some years that I have been raising children I can see that  my theme has been all over the place.  Life is…scary, hard, unpredictable, a burden, draining, expensive, heartbreaking…and on and on.  I have since learned that having a handle on my “theme” makes all the difference in the world.  Years ago, when I was seeking to follow a “spiritual and holistic path”  I found it very confusing  that most of the leaders and teachers of this community struggles within their own lives in one form or another and  the majority were not thriving or abundant in most of their experiences.  Could it be that the underlying belief of having to be a servant or a martyr is keeping all their blessings at bay? I am not sure but I would say a revamp of  the Life is… theme would make a huge difference in the quality of their lives. When you believe life is a calling to serve and suffer for the good of others even when you call in blessings and abundance they are only allowed to be a  fraction of a fraction of what is actually available to you.  Your life is theme can severely limit what is possible in your life if you are not intentionally using it to create the life you want.  Contrary to popular belief,  you can create the kind of life you desire.  Setting your Life is… theme is just the beginning.

Every morning before I get out of bed I run through all of my blessings and gratitude.  I proclaim that we are favored, guided, surrounded, protected, provided for etc… I have an entire 10 minute practice I set in motion blessing my day, my life, my family.  Now I add each morning “Thank you that Life is…” I change it up a little each time but it is usually something like “FUN, limitless, a gift, A blessing, a gift, light, easy, overflowing with abundance and wealth, joy, peace love and friendship, surrounded, protected and provided for in abundance.  Who doesn’t like this framework?  It makes a 100% difference in the way your life unfolds.  Try it.  Imagine if you were inadvertently believing that life is hard, its about work, nothings comes free etc… Even if you were praying to be highly favored you can only be favored within the parameters of this theme.  Highly favored might play out as having all your bills paid each month after working your butt off at a dead end grinding job day in and day out. Yay! So blessed… ugh.. At least no one is going to take your house away.  That is settling at it’s ugliest.  Dream big people! If your theme was Life is… a gift of overflowing abundance and blessings you might be debt free as well as having a great house, not having to work, having healthy happy, responsible beautiful, children, money left over to spoil them and take them on great vacations in 5 star hotels around the world with your sexy, successful, sweet husband who loves and cherishes you… The sky is the limit.  See how there can be levels to being blessed and favored based on what you believe is possible or “normal”?  Take the limits off of the blessings you can receive.  I am not too knowledgeable about the bible but I am a Joel Osteen Sirius radio addict.  I love the Ephesians 3:20 passage

Now to Him who is able to do far more
abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works
within us…


By choosing to declare that life is limitless and an exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond blessing you take the restrictions off of what God can do in your life. 

Joel says, “God wants to do exceedingly

abundantly above and beyond all you can imagine! He wants to pour out His favor

on you and open up opportunities that will boggle your mind!”

I like that! Sign me up for that one! Boggle away!

Make sure that you are not setting your Life is… theme inadvertently through your old beliefs and worries. Each morning intentionally proclaim what you want your life to be without limitations, doubt or restrictions. Proclaim BIG! Then sit back, arms open wide, big fat Cheshire cat smile on your face and receive all that God pours out to you when you proclaim it, allow it and expect it.

"Take the limits off and dare to believe that God has wonderful things in store for you"
~Senora Ray~]]>
<![CDATA[                                     Back to the Future]]>Tue, 11 Aug 2015 21:37:27 GMThttp://thejotblog.com/blog/-back-to-the-future You really can create your desired future by revisiting the decisions you’ve made in the past.  So many times we waste our energy pouring over past decisions or choices we have made in the past and wondering if they were right.  We worry “Did I do the right thing?” or “Am I making the right decision?” This can take up hours of mental energy better spent creating the great things you want to experience.   I am saying right now STOP THE MADNESS! Yes, I stole that from Susan Powter, but it works here.  It is madness.  You will drive yourself crazy and possibly right into the situation you do NOT want by thinking all these terrifying  “what if” thoughts.  Instead, I am suggesting that once you make a decision don’t look back!  Decide right then and there that it is/was the right decision.  Refuse to “what if “ about it.  Keep reassuring yourself. Tell yourself of course it was the right decision.  It will work out to your favor.  It always does. And you will be right.  If you are always going to be right about whatever you are putting out in the form of thoughts and words you best be putting out something you want!   You can even go back to an old decision and affirm now that it was right.  That choice you made; that thing you did…..It was right! Of course it was. Declare it and make it so.  I hope if you make this your habit you will find that the fear of indecision will fade away.  How can it not when you know you are making the right choices?  This is truly making up your mind even if at first it feel like you are really MAKING UP a fictional story.  Go with it, trust it, try it out and you will see.  It is ALL up to after all! Xoxo….

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be"

-Tony Robbins-