I have noticed that usually when I am feeling unusually stressed and anxious I am running the thought “ I have to do this all myself”  Or the thought  “I have no power over this…”. Both of these beliefs feel equally uncomfortable and I have learned neither one is ever 100% true.  No matter what story the stress is stemming from we have a choice as to how we deal with it. 

We’ve all heard the saying “ the devil is in the details”.  According to Wikipedia this saying is actually derived from the original saying “God is in the details”.  Either way the message is that the details are scary or important and you better make sure you take care of them!  Neither of these beliefs feels  good to me.  When I am faced with something that causes me to feel anxious, overwhelmed or dread I always feel better when I delegate the details.  Not only does delegating the details feel better it always allows things to pan out even better than I could have ever imagined… all without my interference!

Delegating the details is as easy as redirecting your thoughts. I have an earlier post or two dealing with working with a concierge or assistant.   Hiring imaginary staff is an excellent way to get around any possible dogma you may have in your belief system that does not allow you to believe that you can ask God to help you ( who do you think you are anyway?!) or to intervene and take care of  trivial things in your daily life.  If this sounds like you please refer to earlier posts about working with a concierge or higher staff in addition to this postJ.

Here is how it works…

Because the holidays are coming up let’s say you have a week full of  events and responsibilities/tasks that you are nervous about and or dreading.  Instead of going over and over in your head what you need to do to prepare and execute these tasks  or going over possible bad scenarios you may be worried could occur go straight to God.  Thank God in advance for taking care of all the details involved in not just getting through the week but making the week a huge success that you enjoy! Sound like a stretch? Good! Stretch! Why not ?  You are not the one putting in all the elbow grease our supernatural, all good, all powerful, omnificent, omnipresent God is doing all the work for you.  Nothing is too small or large for God so aim high! Ask big!  Then keep moving in the direction of your general plans while simultaneously staying out of the minutia of the details. Keep moving forward. Be productive but only focus on the general outcome you have so brazenly asked for. Each time you catch yourself thinking about the details ( or projecting yourself into the future situation) redirect your thinking… Thank you God for taking care of the details…”. You will see that  by doing this you also stay out of any WHAT IF storyline  and you feel more peaceful  this allowing God to wow you with HIS details!  “ Thank you God for taking care of all of the details of….. Under Grace and in a perfect way.”  If you are feeling good about it tack some turbo boost on to the end of your ask--“Under Grace and in your perfect, exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond way.”  Like anything else you may have to try it out on something small at first to build your trust and confidence. You will find it is limitless in its ability as a tool to propel you peacefully into the life you desire even if you think its too good to be possible.

I use it for anything and everything that causes me to feel anxious or stressed from housework to health scares to financial difficulties…everything.  Once you trust God to take care of your details you will be free. The possibilities are endless.

                                         Let go and…   Let GOD