Years ago I was in a bad mental and physical place.  I was postpartum and feeling depressed and run down. I had recently started to explore different areas of holistic remedies and therapies and even though they seemed promising, I found myself feeling worse and worse.  I had begun to explore the power of my thoughts and beliefs and it was terrifying me.  I thought I had to be vigilant with what went through my mind and any stray negative thought could send me into doom and ruin.  It was starting to feel like an endless game of space invaders that I could not win.  The more reading and researching I did, the more fearful I got.  I got to where I didn’t want to do anything but stay home and guard or cast away my thoughts and research how else to survive this horrible planet.  I felt crazy to say the least.  I can see now that I was constantly focused on what was wrong.  I was asking myself day and night…”what is wrong with me?”  So of course the universe responded with a never ending string of things that were wrong with me.  Everything I put out to the ethers was coming from an assumption that I needed to heal something about myself.  So…I was given countless things to heal.  I was a problem, a victim, a martyr and a wreck!

I remember having a very vivid dream at the time.  In the dream I was all alone in a car that had three rows of seats.  I was in the very last row of seats sitting against the window curled up into a ball pouring over my laptop and singing a little to myself.  The car was not running and sitting off the road in the woods. It was dark all around and inside the car.  Suddenly a police officer walked up to my window and shined a flashlight on me as if to say “ what are doing out here? What the hell are you doing IN there?” Then I woke up.  Creepy right? Especially the singing,  like something out of an R rated horror movie about the demented. I got it.  Not only was I not driving the car, nobody was driving the car.  The car was turned off and not even on or near the road.  Not only that but I wasn’t even aware of these things.  I was lost in my thoughts and unconsciously disconnected from everything and everyone.  I had become paralyzed by my fears and my world was becoming smaller and smaller while I went nowhere and did nothing.   All the while I was researching how to heal and improve myself and my life. I had gotten caught up in waging a war against this concept of a subconscious that rules and overpowers all good at every turn; a hidden and constant battle against some force constantly working against me.  YUCK!

Recently, I had another dream that was just as vivid.  My family and I were traveling around to great exciting places with a bunch of friends in a tour bus.  It was a very luxe and spacious tour bus.  At the back of the bus were two chairs perched high above  the other seats with controls for virtually any indulgence you could think of.  My husband and I each were relaxing in one the grand high lounge chairs.  It occurred to me that we were speeding along the highway and maybe it wasn’t safe for me to completely check out. I was facing the back of the bus, unable to even see the road and not even conscious of what the driver was doing.  Was I safe? Do I need to be managing this trip? Am I being irresponsible in just enjoying the ride with no accountability to our safety? I looked into my personal rear view mirror that allowed me to see clearly the driver of the bus. He appeared confident, alert and professional.  He had his directions, knew what to do and where to go.  He knew he was doing a great job and was determined to give us a wonderful, VIP experience. Just as I decided to check up on him to see if I could trust him at the helm we turned gently off the road.  The bus slowed smoothly and the driver began to back the huge bus expertly into a hangar style garage with just an inch or two to spare on each side of the bus.  I could see he was not worried or shaken by the harrowing task of maneuvering into the tight space.  We arrived magnificently and were immediately met by a staff of people eager to wisk us off to our next amusement.  We all exited the bus with excitement ready to have more fun together.  I had the distinct feeling that everything was taken care of and all I had to do was show up.  When I left the bus, the driver confidently and professionally nodded at me as if to say, “I’ve got this.  I’ve got you”.  Ahhhhhhh. What a wonderful feeling! What a difference.

 I really attribute this 180 change to my increased faith and understanding in how to play this game of life and have fun. I’ve learned to rest in my knowing that in life everything always works out and even WOWS us if we let it.  I have gone from sitting in a dead car going nowhere to not just driving myself where I wanted to go….I had a very capable and overqualified driver!! I love it. And the only things that I have really changed are mind and my faith.

Thank you God for grace and favor in my life always in all ways!

dare to dream big!


My very favorite author of all time Florence Scovel Shinn says it is a good idea to tack on to the end of proclamations… "under grace and in a perfect way." This seven word addition addition can save you from any unwanted manifestations that could come to be. Remember the story in Eat, Pray, Love where the friend had been asking God to open his heart and ended up being rushed into open-heart surgery? Perhaps the tag-- under grace and in a perfect way-- would have taken care of this kind of literal snafu.

I think adding this tag line to your ask, prayer or proclamation overrides any “stuff” you may have in your subconscious that can throw a wrench in to what you are creating.  This is especially true if you are a person who invests more faith in the bad than in the good as a regular habit.  Since it is just a habit it can be changed, but in the mean time try the tag.  To be clear many people almost enjoy taking about the bad what ifs or awfulizing situations.  I have been guilty of indulging in complaining about work, the kids, the husband, family, etc… This expectation of bad gets you just that. It is true that you get what you expect.  Too many people think that they have to go over any possible bad outcome in advance so that they can be ready for anything.  If only we could all see that this kind of energy spent or invested in the bad basically invites all those possible scenarios into your life.  I firmly believe that staying focused on what you WANT to happen or come to you is the best way to insure the desired outcome.  By investing your faith in all good (which is basically God) you are making way for great things for yourself and others. Instead of trying to think of all the bad things that could possibly sneak up and wreak havoc, just add the tag—under grace and in a perfect way.  This covers anything you haven’t thought of and keeps you from having to think about HOW things are going to manifest.  You can just rest assured that it will manifest just as you request it—under grace and in a perfect way.

One of my favorite authors Mike Dooley calls this process of getting in your own way getting involved in the dreaded how’s.  His advice? Stay out of the dreaded how’s!! The perfect way to stay out the dreaded how’s is by adding “under grace an in a perfect way” to any creation request you are intentionally putting out. If you find yourself trying to figure out how you are going to get what you want or asked for answer your own question with this one-size-fits-all answer....Under Grace and in a Perfect Way!!

Thank you for the blessings of this day. For the ease, joy, abundance and inspiration shared by all…under grace and in a perfect way.

Grace means more than gifts. In grace something is transcended, once and for all overcome. Grace happens in spite of something; it happens in spite of separateness and alienation.


I will never forget a most vivid dream I had two years ago.    In the dream I am trying to carry a large, very heavy bale of hay around.  I remember having a sense that I am supposed to take it quite a distance but can barely lift it.   In addition to being heavy and large the bale of hay is painfully scratchy and I remember feeling very hopeless and dreadful about the prospect of lifting it let alone carrying it somewhere.   Then it occurred to me…. I can fly!  What the hell am I doing carrying this thing anywhere????  I set the hay bale down and sit on top of it like I’m riding a horse and begin concentrating deeply on levitating.  Voila! The bale of hay lifts off.  Not only can I fly and will not have to carry or lift the hay bale, it can carry me flying carpet style anywhere I chose to go!! Exhilarating! 

What’s my take away from the dream? You can choose to see and put out that you are burdened in your life and believe things to be hopeless or choose to be favored, supported and gifted and live a blessed life.  It truly is a choice and it’s yours to make. At the beginning of the dream the hale bale symbolized everything I used to believe about life.  It's hard work,  impossible, miserable, painful, exhausting, daunting, and feels like a punishment to endure. That was the choice I was making unknowingly and that was my reality.  The reverse can be true and is now for me.  Life can be adventurous, exhilarating, easy, light, supported, fun, amazing, magical, abundant, etc... It's all in your mind set.  Change your mind, change your reality.  Pretty cool stuff!

 “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

I like to remind myself
When putting out desired outcomes for manifestation  to the universe the word just should be censored as if it is the f bomb on network TV.  This  I learned from personal experience. Even though my life has been very blessed and abundant we were hit very hard when the economy crashed.  Things became very scary in our financial life.  I came from a fearful place and put out…”Please God ( Universe)  I just want to be able to pay off our debt and cover our bills. “ I was not aware at the time that even in dire situations you can reach for the stars and ask for overflow.  So, because of this, as requested,  for a period of regrowth, we were  just able to pay the bills and debts with little left over for groceries and living expenses….Lesson learned! Now I know to ask on the tail of thanks as if I have already received and to ask for all that I want, not just.  Thank you God( Universe) for our favor in abundance that allows us to not only pay off all of our debts and cover our bills, but also have more than enough left over to spoil our kids, ourselves, live an abundant life, travel and still have money put away for retirement, our kids and a lavish lifestyle if  so inclined… an inexhaustible source of overflow! It definitely feels better and it definitely works!

Greedy? No way.  That’s the desired experience.  Ask. Receive. No justs allowed.

I used to always proclaim that my children were safe and protected before sending them out into the world. Seems like a good idea, right?  The just is implied here.  It’s nice to assert safety and protection, but it can also assume the necessity of it. In hindsight it was a little like wishing for food, shelter and clothing for myself.  Let's face it I could easily have all these things and be in a crappy situation.  I could be living under a bridge, eating food from a dumpster and wearing the same clothes every day. Check, check and check! I was obviously coming from my fears of something happening to my kids and didn't realize I could lose the fear and I ask for much more. Occasionally, my children would find themselves in hair raising, dangerous situations, but would come out unscathed or safe and protected.   No thank you.  How about proclaiming…My children are blessed and showered with God’s favor(Universal favor) ( which to me means advantage) in all areas of their lives.  As a visual I like to  steep my children in favor like little human tea bags infusing the very essence of their being with favor and grace. Favor and grace is many energetic levels above safe and protected. The basic need of safe and protected  is already taken care of and understood when you are in grace and favor. It also raises the experience bar bringing into alignment blessings of great serendipitous moments in life that make life  amazing and miraculous.  Feels great right? Imagine your child is going out with friends and will be driving until curfew.  by putting out that this child is safe and protected the child might run  out of gas in the middle of a busy road alone and hysterical and eventually, after you get up from bed and rush to the rescue, end up home safe and sound if not a little traumatized.  OR… Proclaim "thank you that this blessed child is steeped in grace and favor."  The child is out with friends having a great time and runs into a someone who is impressed with their confidence and people skills.  Maybe this person runs a worldwide company and offers your child an internship that comes with a full ride college scholarship and great career for life! They arrive home safe and sound (of course that is implied with grace and favor) but they are also over the moon and living a gifted life of advantage. Cool!

The 4 letter J bomb can sneak into different areas of  life particularly when the experience is adversity of any kind.  For example…

Please God Universe I just want my child to get through the school year to make it to the next level without  having to repeat anything.  Bang! That’s exactly what happens .  A year of the child just barely making it across the finish line limping all the way. This entire ask feels like I am down on my knees begging.  I know. This is one of my old familiars. I say get off your knees throw your hands over your head and proclaim what you really want.  Don't be afraid.

It may seem like too much of a stretch to say Thank you God (Universe) for this child’s success, accomplishment, and mastery in all areas of school. ( academic, social, athletics, leadership, confidence, etc…) But it isn’t!  You can't do anyone a favor by  wishing for them just anything.  It comes from a voice of fear and is lack  belief based.  Shoot for the stars even if it’s hard to wrap your head around.  Even the smallest amount of faith goes a long way.  Try it.

How many times have you looked at your planner or creeped up to a holiday season or big project with dread and fear and said.  I just want to make it through this week, project, season….whatever.  and what happens? You just barely make it.  It’s terrible like you expected it to be and you drag yourelf through it.  It’s survival thinking.  Why try to survive when you can thrive and be steeped in favor and grace? Censor the just.  Thank you God for your grace and favor over this event.  Thank you for peace, joy, fun, success, ease, boundless energy, creativity, serendipity and inspiration of the highest accord! Ask for the best case scenario.  Why not? You get to ask for what you want.  Who doesn’t want the best?  If in fact you get what you ask for then why not ask for it all?  Let the saying --be careful what you ask for--- take on  new meaning.  Be careful what you asking for (make sure you are asking for greatness)….you may ( will ) get it!

What about in the situation of a health scare or sickness?  I remember heaving over the toilet after my first big college party experience.  Please God ( Universe) I just want to stop throwing up.  If you let me feel better I will never drink alcohol again….Hmmm. As you can imagine it was a long night followed by a string of broken promises.   Please God I just want my lab tests to turn out ok.  I just want to get through these treatments… I just want to see my kids graduate.  Stop justing your outcome! Thank you God ( Universe) for perfect health!  For energy, vitality and well being.  For  longevity and perfection. For grace and favor in the physical.

People who are looking for a mate say… Please God I just don’t want to be alone.  What does that get you? A cat? No longer alone.  Your mom moving in?  Constant companion! Be specific with your ask. Be specific about the qualities you want in a mate.  You CAN attract the person you really want.  Don’t be afraid to get clear on what you really want and ask for it preceded by a thank you.  What happens to us  when we choose to settle? For so long I was programed to settle.  My entire childhood was spent hearing things like,,, well I want a lot of things, it doesn’t mean I’m going to get them … in response to my I want… or Don’t get your hopes up!  You aren’t the only person here.  You have to think of your siblings.  B to the S people!! Get clear about what you want and throw it out there.  Get good at being specific as well as general.  Instead of saying I want to be Oprah…. Think about why do your want to be Oprah?  I want to be successful, make an impact on the world, be loved by the masses,  help people while making a great life for my family.  I want to have a career that allows me to be filthy rich while at the same time enjoying everything I do to earn it.  Being Oprah means different things to different people.  Become clear on what it 
to you and put it our there on the tail of thanks.

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” 
― Thomas Merton