You really can create your desired future by revisiting the decisions you’ve made in the past.  So many times we waste our energy pouring over past decisions or choices we have made in the past and wondering if they were right.  We worry “Did I do the right thing?” or “Am I making the right decision?” This can take up hours of mental energy better spent creating the great things you want to experience.   I am saying right now STOP THE MADNESS! Yes, I stole that from Susan Powter, but it works here.  It is madness.  You will drive yourself crazy and possibly right into the situation you do NOT want by thinking all these terrifying  “what if” thoughts.  Instead, I am suggesting that once you make a decision don’t look back!  Decide right then and there that it is/was the right decision.  Refuse to “what if “ about it.  Keep reassuring yourself. Tell yourself of course it was the right decision.  It will work out to your favor.  It always does. And you will be right.  If you are always going to be right about whatever you are putting out in the form of thoughts and words you best be putting out something you want!   You can even go back to an old decision and affirm now that it was right.  That choice you made; that thing you did…..It was right! Of course it was. Declare it and make it so.  I hope if you make this your habit you will find that the fear of indecision will fade away.  How can it not when you know you are making the right choices?  This is truly making up your mind even if at first it feel like you are really MAKING UP a fictional story.  Go with it, trust it, try it out and you will see.  It is ALL up to after all! Xoxo….

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be"

-Tony Robbins-