Setting up your day before you even get out of bed is key in creating the life that YOU want.  When I wake up and before my mind can start wandering I seize control and start directing my mind to focus on what I want my life to be. To get going I say thank you in advance for a great day.  For all of the details of the day being taken care of under grace and in a magnificent ( bump of your adjectives!) way.  Thank you that great things are happening for us today.  I find it easier to have a core routine that starts you off and then you can build and add around it as your needs and desires shift and change.  My core is visualizing ( I am very visual)  my husband and I together in a hug.  The hug is a nice one.  I add vivid details and senses to make the visual more powerful.  I feel him, his breath, his skin and warmth, I smell him.  Then I send love to him and receive it in return.  From there I add the rest of my family with the understanding that anyone else related receives the trickle down of our blessings.  Do this to avoid feeling like you have to include everyone in your entire family, cousins, second cousins, friends of the family.... Everyone is raised by relation.  Then I steep us all in God's greatness and perfection like a giant teabag.  I see us all shimmering in every molecule of our being.  We are healthy, whole strong, provided for, protected and supported.  Everyone then receives a shining crown of the highest favor.  This crown covers favor of all kinds.  Health, wealth, success, love, friendship...everything.  Because I love luxury and  to feel special I recently added a VIP all access pass that looks like a glowing, shimmering backstage pass to us all.  This pass insures preferential treatment, access to places and people most others can;t get to.  Ease in life is guaranteed.  The luxury spills out onto us and we are universally spoiled like young rock stars.  I have a couple great stories that have come about since I added the VIP pass. I will share of them in a letter post.  Let me just say that it works! This is my core.  From here I add things like... we are blessed by each other and everyone we come into contact with and visa versa. We are surrounded by people who have a spirit of excellence, who support us, that we can rely on.  That we have a spirit of excellence and we are successful,responsible, capable, gifted people who run with purpose in every step.  I give thanks for the explosive blessings of overflowing abundance ( picture a giant volcanic plume only this one is spewing cash everywhere!)  That there is always more than plenty ( notice I didn't say more than enough...plenty feels so much better!) As you can see this can go on and on.  I spend about 15 min before I get out of bed doing this then get out with forced enthusiasm as I am not typically a morning person. Wooo! Here we go great day! Something great is happening for me today! I steal the motto from Friday Night Lights and make it my own. Clear minds, full hearts, can't lose!!

Our intention creates our reality
Wayne Dyer