I have to fess up to a wonderful pastime that I LOVE! I have become an obsessive treasure planter.  I  hijacked some of the ideas of DORK--Doers Of Random Kindness, Pam Grout in her E cubed book, and the website moreloveletter.com.  I have always loved paying a toll for the person behind me in line.  Now that there are toll passes that rarely happens.  I still enjoy treating the person behind me in the drive thru line at Starbucks, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, etc... Always a thrill! A newer idea I found on the app Planet Good is to go into a candy place and leave money for the next 5 or so people.  LOVE doing that!!! All that is fun but I now sneak around planting treasure.  It's an addiction! I used to find stickers around town that said YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  I know where they are now and make it a habit to see them, park in front of them and sit by them.  Hey, who doesn't like being told they are beautiful? :)  I looked this up too.  The silver sticker bandits were featured on Oprah a while back and it is a thing. Nice! I decided I would start my own thing.  I had stickers, magnets and wooden nickels made that say SOMETHING GREAT IS HAPPENING FOR YOU TODAY!.  I plant them all over wherever I go.  I also make sure to plant at least 4 love letters a week all complete abundant attracting bills ( $5, $10 or $20 per envelope) in random places, but never the same place twice.  The love letters are reminders of how great the person who finds it is and of the abundant, friendly nature of the universe. I like to adda great quote and a reminder to pass it on. 
 I have always loved hiding the easter eggs and baskets at Easter.  I loved the hiding of the Elves at Christmas when the kids were little.  I still have a tiny rubber Santa I plant all over the house for kids to find.  Who doesn't love finding the beanie in Trader Joes? It is the greatest! I grew up with an amazing grandfather who loved to fill my imagination full of fairy's. He was always seeing something I didn't.  A fairy on the back of a bird, hiding in the flower pot, even catching one in a closed shoe box. ( he tied a string to it and shook the box with the string completely dazzling me with the catch. I ate it up.  I was always on the lookout for the the invisible world of the fairy's.  I appreciate so much his spirit of play and all he did to make my world such an awe inspiring, magical place. I am sure that this hidden world is why I love recreating it in small ways with my own kids, and why I am so hooked on doing this now.  I found great arrow magnets and use them to stick my love notes on gas pumps, signs, ATM machines.  They are a great touch. If you are looking for a pick me up try it! It is a wonderful tool to get to a better mental space. It gets your creative juices flowing and raises you up to receiving great things in return.  You are sewing seeds for your own blessings and abundance.  I think that sounds like a win/ win.  It feels great.  

Fairy dust is like love,
it creates magic whenever
you give it away