This morning a national news network ran a cute story about a guy who was ordering  pizza from his local pizza place.  Tired of his girlfriend always answering his question of “what do you want to eat?”  with  “whatever”, he decided to teach her a lesson.  In the section for customizations on the online order form he typed: Please send me an extra empty box that has /WHATEVER/ written in big letters in it because that’s what my girlfriend said she wants.  Ha!

 How many of us are guilty of the same thing when we are putting our requests and desires out into the universe.  The universe is standing by waiting for us to come up with a wish to grant and we are saying. “Hmmm, I don’t really know what I want, Whatever.” We are setting ourselves up to receive a great big empty box of whatever! Or even worse when we are going on about I just don’t want this or I don’t want to do this or have this happen. Guess what? We are essentially ordering the thing we didn’t want and we are most likely going to get it.

 I remember years ago when my kids were in grade school and learning Spanish with way too much help from me ( thank you private school!).  I jokingly wrote on my shopping list calendario for calendar.  I ended up grabbing one with photos I liked and did not even notice it was in Spanish and indeed a Calendario until I had it home for a couple days.  I have not seen another calendar in Spanish in that store since then.  Ask and you shall receive! 

Let us all be aware of what we are putting out into the universe so that we are not sitting down to a big feast of nothing and whatever.  Let us be clear about what we want and at the very least put out a general idea of what we want and tack on “this or something even better”.  Ask big and aim high.  We are all children of the most high God!

     Ask for what you want and be
prepared to get it!
Maya Angelo